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About Growth Labs

We help Business to acquire Customers / Increase Sales with minimum budget.

We at Growthlabs with senior Growth Marketers, Experts, Growth Hackers conduct series of Growth Hacker experiments that will help Business to acquire more customers and that help to increase Sales. The experiments what we conduct is our own experience, and you can use and implement readily for your Business.

We do our Experiments on

Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Quora, Instagram, LinkedIn & Google.

Our Growth Hacker experiments primarily on the Social Media platforms. We do not limit with the platforms, we continuously improve and increase our engagements with various other platforms where your customers are.

How we do Growth Hacker Experiments

Idea / Steps to experiment / Pivot / Success / Share!

1. With various thought process, our experience, and deep understanding of a situation with a Social media platform. – This includes, product features, User Requirements, Country, User Persona.

2. We find Steps and draft our idea.

3. Experiment and Correct the Steps.

4. Get appropriate Results expected.

5. Share the results with Business to run the experiments.

You can readily use for your Business products and Services.

What Growthlabs help you

1. How can I use Social Media to acquire customers without spending more on Ads?

2. What methods / Tricks / Methods help me to sell my products?

3. How to get more Traffic to my website?

4. How do I generate Leads for my business?

Growth Hacker references:

Website 1 / Website 2 / Quora / Indie Hackers

Top Experiments:

  1. How online events help you to acquire 3000 customers and help selling $200k?
  2. How to reach more customers using WhatsApp?
  3. Best practice to run Facebook Group with like minded users?
  4. How to manage Billion Dollar Individuals in LinkedIn?
  5. Use LinkedIn and find Quality Prospects.
  6. Effective Content Marketing on Social Media.
  7. Get top 5 keywords in Google first Page using SEO.
  8. Effective Network Marketing.
  9. WhatsApp Newsletters.
  10. LinkedIn 1:1 invitation & find growth.

Growthlabs Advantages:

  1. Quick and easy way to acquire more customers.
  2. Proven experiments so no trial and error.
  3. Cost of customer acquisition with very minimum budget.
  4. Brand identity and Visibility.
  5. String relationship with customers for long run.

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